This is my minicomic ‘Monkey Picked’ about one of the legends surrounding monkey picked oolong tea.

Doogie & Lacy in: Disturbing Dreams

The pups taking a stroll =)

#comics Doogie & Lacy in - This is Livin.

Introducing Axol the axolotl. comic

Introducing Lacy Blue & Crabby Cat. Comics

A Halloween special! Ghost Pup & Pixel Bill in ‘Pestered Pup’

Pondering candy comic.

B24 Liberators never bombed Tokyo. The planes used for that were B29s. I just wanted to draw a liberator & only realized that after I was well into the drawing. Oh well, it’s fiction.

Yayoi period -

The Devil’s sea -’s_Sea

There is also a really great artist that goes by the name Yayoi Kusama -

Something like this happened to me when I read it. If you’re remotely interested in History & how it relates to current events, I highly recommend Plato’s Republic. followed by the other Dialogues Apology, Crito, Phaedo, & Symposium. Also, I could never pull off sideburns.

There is more to come of this one I think.

A little Moebius tribute comic part 2 of 2.

Next, I’ll be focusing on making a minicomic for a spell. Cheers!

Thrilling conclusion of ‘Avenger Time’ 3 of 3! #comics


The first page. More to come I think. NBS 1st page on Flickr.

The first page. More to come I think. NBS 1st page on Flickr.